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Purrfect Satin Bouncer Cat Toy

£6.25 Each

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Peacock Feather Cat Toy

£6.75 Each

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Purrfect Feather Bouncer

£7.60 Each

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Purrfect Go-Fur-Leather Cat Toy

£9.39 Each

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Purrfect Leather Cat Toy

£8.99 Each

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Purrfect Wispy Bouncer Cat Toy


Purrfect Wispy Bouncer cat toy

Purrfect Crinkle Bouncer

£7.60 Each

View Purrfect Crinkle Bouncercat toy

Purrfect Leather Bouncer

£8.09 Each

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Replacement Attachements for Purrfect Feather Cat Toy

£3.39 Each

Cat Toys

Cats love to play.  Playing with toys helps cats so stay healthy through exercise and provide mental stimulation.  We stock a range of good quality, well made, exciting toys that your cat will really enjoy playing with.

Playing with a cat is a good way to reinforce your bond with him and will be very entertaining for you both!

Purrfect Feather Cat Toy

I first bought one of these toys in the States several years ago, and successive cats have loved it, played with it for hours, and destroyed several of its ends! So, it's great that you can now buy them in the UK - and even better that you can buy the replacement tie-on attachment as well! The ends do last quite a long time, but enthusiastic cats ultimately destroy them. I think it's the best cat toy I have ever bought, because the cats don't get bored with it and will always play with it. Well worth the money! Ruth

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Petface Disco Cat Ball

Was £3.99 Now  £2.99 Each

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Wild Hemp Cat Toy

£7.60 Each

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Purrfect Crazy Krinkle Cat Toy


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Out of stock

Purrfect Curly Cat Toy

£8.99 Each

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Purrfect Pouncer Cat Toy


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Americat Eco Friendly Balls

£6.55 for 3 balls

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