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Funky Felines

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Funky Handmade Heart cat toy

We have made our own Heart cat toys and filled them with our favourite blend of organically grown catnip with a pinch of Silver Vine.  We are striving to be more sustainable by sourcing and re-purposing off-cuts of fabric and fabrics that would have otherwise gone to waste.

Each Heart measures approximately 10.5cm in length and contains at least 7 grams of the catnip and Silver Vine blend.  They are not tightly stuffed with catnip so that the toys are more floppy for your cat to toss around and carry.

£3.50 Each

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Funky Pouch catnip toy


Happy to review the cat toys. The cats love them - good quality nip, good quality product. Survives a lot of abuse from the cats and remains a firm favourite for weeks at a time long after other toys loose their favour.

Brilliant and we will be back for more!”  Kirsty

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Handmade Heart cat toy Side view of Handmade Heart cat toy View Handmade Pouch cat toy