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Funky Felines

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Funky Felines loose catnip with Silver Vine

55 grams

A special blend of organically grown catnip with a pinch of Silver Vine for extra excitement.

Silver Vine or Silvervine (Actinidia Polygama) is a non-toxic plant that is safe for cats.  It grows mostly in the high mountains of Asia and is also known as matatabi.

Silver Vine will affect cats in a similar way to catnip although the reaction tends to be more intense.  It can also excite cats who don’t usually react to catnip.

Each resealable pouch contains 55 grams of fine ground, kittysafe catnip which includes a  mixture of leaves and flowers with some stem content (less than 2mm long).  Not forgetting a pinch of Silver Vine!

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£6.95 Each

Funky Felines Organic catnip with Silver Vine View Yeowww! Organic Catnip