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Funky Felines

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Ballistic Flyer

Were £7.99 Now £5.59 Each

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American Kennel Club

Good quality, tough toy for outdoor fun

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Dog Toys

Dogs require a lot of stimulation and exercise.  We stock a range of tough, exciting toys to keep them fit and entertained.  

Interactive toys such as the Chase’N Pull dog toy encourage a strong owner dog relationship and as a training aid.  It is even used by animal trainers in the cages with tigers, lions, snow leopards and cougars!

Chase’N Pull Dog Toy

I bought one for our Collie pup, when she was settling in with us. Cuddle Pal is a strange beast but she loves it and we play with "Moley" every evening. It has enough weight to be thrown around the house without causing damage and can be hidden in crevices and under furniture to be rediscovered...  Paul

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Honest Pet Products

Provides truly natural pet toys made of safe, sustainable, durable Hemp Fabrics and Organic Wool. The companies principles are

to be true to our pets, true to our planet and true to our people.   More information about Honest Pet Products.

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Eco Tugger Dog Toy

From £9.25 Each

Honest Pet Products Eco Tugger hemp dog toy

Eco Rattler with Squeaker

From £11.45 Each

Honest Pet Products Eco Rattler hemp dog toy with squeaker

Out of stock

Fat Cat / Doggy Hoots

Colourful, fun and tough toys that entertain both pet and owner

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Doggy Hoots Floppability Toys

£8.60 Each

Doggy Hoots The Ex

Were £7.99 Now £5.59 Each

View Doggy Hoots The Ex

Fat Cat Flip-Flop Yankers

£6.99 Each

View Fat Cat Flip-Flop Yankers

Doggy Hoots Mini Puppy Teethers

£7.55 Each

View Doggy Hoots Mini Puppy Teethers View Doggy Hoots Mini Puppy Teethers

Out of stock

Fat Cat Gruntleys Dog Toy

£12.99 Each

View Fat Cat Gruntleys Dog Toy

Out of stock

Doggy Hoots Squeak-A-Zoids

£7.99 Each

View Doggy Hoots Squeak-A-Zoids

Doggy Hoots Fleecy McGees

£6.99 Each

Magnificent Twirling Catateenies

Were £3.55 Now £2.45 Each

View Magnificent Twirling Catateenies

Doggy Hoots Freeze ‘N Chew

£4.99 Each

View Doggy Hoots Freeze ‘N Chew

Out of stock

Fat Cat Finimals Dog Toys

£9.75 Each

Vee Enterprises Dog Toys

Over 20 years of high quality, attractive, and innovative products.

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Chase‘N Pull Dog Toy

From £12.49

View Chase‘N Pull Dog Toy

Chase’N Pull Replacement Ends

£6.45 Each

View Chase’N Pull Replacement Ends

Petmate Dog Toys

Fun interactive dog toys to stimulate and cater for breeds of all shapes and sizes.

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Hedgies assorted designs

Was £7.25 Now £5.80 Each

View Petmate Heggies dog toys

PetRageous Dog Toys

“Functional, whimsical and outrageous pet products”

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TossRageous Dog Toys

£5.15 Each

View TossRageous Dog Toys

Petstages Dog Toys

Petstages make products with purpose to satisfy a dogs different needs.  

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Petstages Stuffing Free Gator

Was £9.69 Now £7.75 Each

View Stuffing Free Gator


The Petface range is of the highest quality and provides fun, innovative and interactive products to keep your pets fit, healthy and enjoying life!

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Multi Squeak Duck

From £6.99 Each

Petface Multi Squeak Duck dog toy

Stretchezz Legz Elephant

£6.75 Each

KONG Stretchezz Legz Elephant


Because….Dogs need to play!

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Erratic Ball

£8.99 Each

Chuckit! Erratic Balls


Performance toys designed to take interACTION with your dog to the next level!

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