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Cosmic Catnip Annette Fish


Cats will love to catch this large catnip filled fish toy!  It is 100% filled with Cosmic Catnip which has been grown to achieve the strongest, most aromatic catnip ever produced!  

Approximately 17.5 cm in length.

£4.99 Each

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My cat is old, she's lost her love of playing and sleeps, except when Annette the Cosmic Catnip fish is around, can't leave it alone, face marking it, dribbling on it and generally going catnip crazy! So much so that I have had to invest in my 2nd, and has just arrived from Funky Felines - very prompt service, thank you. Buy this product, your cat will love it. Thanks too for the sample catnip FF, will test out and buy if it works on the old mog!  Ali

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