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Cleo’s Catnip! & Maui Wowie!

Cleos Catnip organic catnip Maui Wowie organic catnip

2 oz. (50 grams) of premium organic flower and leaf catnip supplied in an attractive re-sealable stay fresh packet.  This potent catnip has been loved by all of our cats.

Try putting a pinch of the fine catnip on a scratching area or rub some onto a favourite toy to bring out the wild side of your cat.

£4.85 Each


“My cat's happy therefore I am happy! He really does appear to vacate his mind when he hits this catnip - off into some kind of Hawaiian paradise :))”  Lucia

“I have been buying this organic catnip from Funky Felines for several years now and it is a brilliant product. It's the best catnip I have ever had and cats absolutely love it! The customer service at Funky Felines is simply excellent. I would definitely recommend both this product and Funky Felines to all cat lovers.”  Lesley

“Ordered late Sunday night - items arrived first thing Tuesday morning!  I've had these products before and they are the best catnip you can get any where. Ask my 7 cats! The little red mice in the Spicey micey bag are especially popular and last for ages - just pop them back in the catnip bag to refresh them once in a while. I used to have to order these products from America, and you still don't see them in the shops here, so it is great to be able to order them now online. Many thanks.”  David

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