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Clearance Items

Items that we are unlikely to sell again which have been reduced in price.

Petface Disco Cat Ball

Was £3.99 Now £2.99 Each

View Petface Disco Cat Ball

Cat Products

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High Top Catnip Dispensing Toy

Was £3.75  Now £3.25 Each

View Cosmic Catnip High Top cat toy

Dog Products

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Hedgies assorted designs

Was £7.25 Now £5.80 Each

View Hedgies dog toys

Ballistic Flyer

Was £7.99 Now £4.99 Each

View Ballistic Flier Dog Toy

Magnificent Twirling Catateenies

Were £3.55 Now £2.25 Each

View Catateenies Dog Toys

Doggy Hoots The Ex

Was £7.99 Now £5.25 Each

View The Ex Dog Toy

Single Link

Was £4.59 Now £3.99 Each

View Hot Cat Single Link Catnip Toy

Deluxe 4-link toy

Was £8.99 Now £7.99 Each

View Deluxe 4-Link Catnip Toy

Eco Kitty Bird Catnip Toy

Was £9.66 Now £8.66 Each

View Eco Kitty Bird catnip cat toy

Eco Tugger Dog Toy

Now From £8.59 Each

View Eco-Tugger Dog Toy